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WTF, mayan mid-season apocalypse?

I may be wrong, but I think the End of Ze World video was the first time I ever heard WTF. That was waaaay back at the beginning of time.  2003.  I am pretty sure my son, then 13, and I watched the video over and over and said to each other repeatedly, giggling, in our bad Australian accents, "WTF, mate?" like the kangaroo in the animation.  Yes, that had to be the beginning.  

And, naturally, another example of my genius parenting.

 Whatevs.  The kid turned out great, so suck it.

 Now, of course, WTF is ubiquitous.  I can't actually figure out if it did already get added to the Oxford English Dictionary -- I know they added LOL and BFF and bromance.  And, naturally, bwahaha.  If WTF's not in there already, it needs to be.  Is there a person on earth under the age of 75 who doesn't use it? [Note: I am making an age-based exception for my parents, from whom I learned virtually ALL of my colorful vocabulary.  No matter what age they are, they swear like the very best kind of drunken sailors.]

Hanyway, I woke up thinking this thought this morning thanks to two things that have been making me WTF all over the place recently.  

And the winners are:

- WTF, The Walking Dead: mid-season finale next week?? What does that mid-season shit even mean?  I guess the good news is that it probably means there's more zombie violence coming in the spring, but still it feels like utter BS.  Thankfully, Wiki comes to the rescue: 

In the late 2000s, the terms "mid-season finale", "fall finale" began being used by some cable and broadcast networks in the United States, to denote a series whose current season has been split into two halves in order to make room for a mid-season replacement series; generally when this occurs, the next first-run episode of the current season picks up a few months after the previous first-run episode aired.

- WTF, Mayans: the world ends on December 21, 2012? I think it's no coincidence that this happens AFTER the aforementioned mis-season BS of Walking Dead and of course following the season finale of Sons of Anarchy, another show to which I'm glued.  After those two are done, please, Mayans, do your thing: deliver us from Christmas.  But seriously, doesn't it seem like all of these end of the world prophecies -- Y2K, Rapture, Rapture 2, Rapture 3 -- are like lotto tickets that don't hit the jackpot?  When do we quit buying?  

As if the world, the natural world, knows anything about our goofy calendars.  It's all WTF, dude.

While there's still time, if you haven't seen it or even if you have, The End of Ze World video really demands a viewing.  Still makes me laugh.  If you have a problem with TV-MA LSV -- i.e., the video is, like all curse-ridden hilarious and immature material, suitable only for Mature Audiences not opposed to Language, Sex and Violence -- then you may want to skip it.  But if that's the case, what're you doing here?

Fire ze missiles!

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