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my problem with book club

You know how sometimes it takes you a really long time to figure something out, how suddenly the answer just pops into your head, and you're all, like, Oooooooooh.

That was me an hour ago, when I realized that my problem with book club is that it's a club.

I need something serious, more serious than club.

I need a hard-ass book gang. 

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Country Mouse Monday: Make, not Do

Today's a very different kinda Country Mouse Monday than usual, given that it's the very first Monday of my new life.

The very first Monday that this Country Mouse is home not just 'cause it's a holiday or vacation or a sick day.

Home on a Monday because Home is where I work now.

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best-ever Valentine to my own wise self

This morning I got up around 4:45, super-excited because today, Valentine’s Day, is the first day of the rest of my whole life.

Natch, you could say that about every day, but today really is a banner day for me, my first day post-job-that-I-hated, my first day of self-employment and boy, do I love my boss, ha ha ha.

I don’t have a job, which is crazy.

So later today I’m going to the movies.

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all the cool kids are QUITTING

In all my life, and that’s a long time, in all the jobs I’ve ever had, I’ve never just up and QUIT without something else lined up, another source of ready income queued up and ready to go.

I’ve always done the sensible thing, because, well, because I have always had to be sensible, making sure The Kid had a roof over his head, food on the table, kicks on his feet. Now that he’s grown and self-sufficient (so proud of that), and my husband’s business has emerged from the economic downturn and is humming along, well, it seemed like the right time to do things differently. To have my turn.

To just QUIT.

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a sad day for us wannabe orphans, tapdancers and diplomats

When we were kids, growing up in a pack on Liberty Street, Sunday mornings were the time when we would watch old movies on the tiny black-and-white tv in the kitchen. They came on at 10:30, and if we were really, really lucky, then it was a Shirley Temple movie.

Oh, how I loved The Little Princess, also my favorite book, but any Shirley Temple movie would do.

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