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Country Mouse Monday: glitterati

I freely admit to a love for all things glitter, and at no time of year is this on greater display than now -- in the lead-up to my favorite holiday.

There's glitter everywhere, in my hair, all over the floor, glinting in the hall runner, even on the dog.

And I couldn't be happier.

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Tune your heart

"I once knew someone who could tune a heart."

"Tune a heart?" I asked, wondering if I had understood him correctly.

"Yes, like an instrument. If a heart was out of tune, he would retune it."

  from A Well-Tempered Heart by Jan-Philipp Sendker

It's funny how sometimes things just fall into your lap, how sometimes there just seem to be these repeated coincidences that don't feel like coincidences. How everyone is talking about just what you need to hear.

Times that feel fat with meaning, full of Whoa.

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Country Mouse Monday: what time is it?

After years of living out here in the country, I'm at the point where I can tell what time of year it is by what's blooming. I'm not sure how useful a skill that is, but there you have it: this set of equations in my head that goes like:

Mimosa and tulip trees = February, Asparagus = March, Lilac = April, and so on.

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Writing Class

The assignment was to write a memory from childhood incorporating as much sensory detail as possible, calling on color and texture and smell. This followed a guided visualization during which I fell very nearly asleep, a not-surprising consequence of sleeping fewer than 6 hours the night before, the fifth night in a row of not sleeping enough, the usual drag of the week taking me under, under, under in the uncomfortable Arts & Crafts-style chair I sat in that offered, at least, the ability to sit crossed legged, knees wedged behind the arm rests, portable desk in my lap.

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BOOM: clearing the way


I might have just laid a bomb under the tidy little edifice of my life. Of my life as I know it. Of the 9-to-5 part of my life that has gone on and on and on. That part may be over. I might have just blown up my security, detonated all the things I’ve worked for. It could all be laying in shambles shortly. It’s possible.

What I know for sure?

I quit my job and I like it.

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