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this day does not suck

It's Day #1 of my work-away-from-home experiment, and let me just say:


It's Saturday, so really, it's not a work day, but I feel like I am having a regular kind of Saturday, except in a place far from my regular.

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self-employed dream-life: #workfromanywhere

I arrived in Paris this morning for a week-long stay, in a test of my new self-employed-ness.

Originally, the impetus was that I wanted to participate in the first-ever yoga event at Versailles on 9/21. But now it's something more. 

I'm working from Paris for the next week because I can.

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Look: go.

I hike the same trails over and over again, multiple times a week generally, getting lost and found over and over again in a landscape that’s so familiar I could probably walk it with my eyes closed. But it’s so much more exciting to keep them open, since I never know what I might see on any given day, what little surprise is in store for me – a raccoon skull at a bend in the trail under the redwoods,

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Here is how you know...

Lately I keep getting this feeling, this one thought bubbling through me from the ground up, this one thought that says,

I am so on the right track.

It's the best thing ever, this feeling -- good, solid, incontrovertible. Under my feet all the time.

It seems crazy, almost too good to be true, you know? But here's the thing: it is true.

I've been observing the signs, noting the times when this feeling washes over me.

Here is how you know.

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Country Mouse Monday: Heidrun Meadery field trip and....

We've been hunkered down and working hard here at Blissbug these past few weeks. What can I say?

It's been Summer As Usual around here.

Which means we've been staying ahead of the zucchini bounty, making pesto and harvesting tomatoes. and thinking ahead to winter crops. In addition to attending BlogHer 14 and building our little businesses. Serious bliss.

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