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No strangers here.

A few weeks ago, Joe must have said something about strangers, or made some statement about something we were doing, like “if a stranger saw us, I wonder what they’d think about that.” To which I responded that I had no way of knowing, since

I don’t know any strangers.

I remembered this yesterday when I was having a cry over the untimely demise of Sticks, a baby goat, only the cutest baby goat ever, a baby goat I’d never met who lives/lived with a person I’ve never met. And yet we’re hardly strangers.

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As you know, I like a little morning ramble, and one thing I love about my neighborhood is that we’re just steps away from multiple paths into the woods.

The ramble, no matter which path we choose, takes us deep into the trees. Mostly this is all delight, but sometimes I end up, knees-quaking, on a trail that pushes my limits.

And sometimes, unexpectedly, I get to confront my inner narc.

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Country Mouse Monday: morning is for wandering

It's been three months now since the start of my new life, my life of working for myself. So much has changed now that I have The Best Boss Ever, most, but not all, for the better.

Necessarily, I got a little bit lost in it -- in the thrill and challenge of starting a new business, in the deep relaxation of not being crazy-stressed. And especially in not needing to get up at my old Fuck Yeah Early-Early Wake-up Time.

Which I see now was a mistake.

Because, really: morning is my religion.

And I need as much of it as I can get.

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Thrive: a hero(ine)'s journey 

As a measure of how naive/out-of-it/sweet I was at 16, I offer this: it took a really long time before I understood why everyone else in my Sophomore English class referred to our teacher as Master Bates rather than Mister. What did they know that I didn't? Was he from the UK originally or something? 

"Oooooooooh," I realized months later, blushing, "I get it."

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Country Mouse Monday: everything i ever wanted

Sometime this past weekend, probably while driving somewhere, this popped into my head:

Suddenly, somehow, I have everything I ever wanted.

It seemed nutty when I first thought it, but now that I've been sitting with this notion for a day or two, I know it's completely true.

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