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Get to work. Make your life.

Waiting at a stoplight to make a left-hand turn, I was stunned at the progress made on the new community college building on the corner. Three weeks ago, I swear it was just a pile of dirt, and now here it was three stories high, with a roof on it and everything.

"Holy Shit," I said to the steering wheel. "That happened fast."

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Really. What are you waiting for?



BlogHer '14: Take Back Your Blog

Between my moments of Oh Hey, I'm Not Alone and Holy Shit, I'm a Total Freak -- which pretty much sums up my whole experience of BlogHer '14 (and I'm sure more than one of you would have been able to predict that), I did actually have some revelations. Which is good since I went into it feeling like I was at a crossroads.

Basically: why bother? why even blog?

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BlogHer '14: This is not That

Pheeeew, I am so glad to say that today at BlogHer was so much better than I expected after the disappointment of last night.

It's doing me good to be adrift in a sea of corporate shills. Very clarifying, to say the least.

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depressing reduction of womanhood, but making lemonade

Listen. You know me, right? So you won't be surprised by what clearly surprised me *to my bones* today, although of course I had an inkling that the surprise was coming.

I guess I'm still learning. At 51, that's good, I guess.

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