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vive la diffĂ©rence

As a demonstration of how different we remain even after 23 1/2 years of love, I offer this recent exchange with my husband.  What's remarkable to me, always, is how many surprises remain, even after all of this time.  I may know him so well, or think I do, and yet he retains the ability to dazzle me with a perspective that is not at all my own.

It's a constant process of unfolding, this long, long love. I learn something new all the time.

 In typical fashion, now that we're exploring Bikram yoga, going to class together or separately,

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bikram-proof mascara

Mac X, decidedly not Bikram-proofSince we started going to Bikram classes at Red Dragon Yoga, it's been endless laundry around here. We've both been doing a lot of sweating -- insane, copious amounts of sweating-- hence, the every-other-day loads of wash.  

After class, my clothes are soaked, my yoga towels are soaked, and by the time I get home for a shower, so is the towel I bring to put down on the seat of the car.  I live in horror of the cloth seats in the rental car I'm driving these days developing that fuggy, swampy gym smell.  Absolutely gruesome amounts of sweat.

Or should I say: good amounts.

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Anusari in Bikram-land

So now I've taken a total of three Bikram yoga classes and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I won't lie: there still comes a moment in each class when the heat is so intense that I wonder at it.  I wonder why I'm doing it.  This moment when it's equal parts glory and hell, delight and torture.

And then I take a deep breath and keep going. 

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hot as hell, and early in the a.m., just the way i like it

If I had a heraldic crest with a motto emblazoned on it, surely that philosophic tagline would be, Do as you wish.  For me, that's the thing about freedom: it means I get to do as I wish, you get to do the same.  I do what I want to do and don't what I don't.  Same goes for you. It's simple.

We're 100% free.

Now that I'm a yoga refugee -- really and truly, I am a yogi without a regular studio or practice or posse for the moment --my heraldic motto is finding expression in checking stuff out, trying on different styles and schools.  

Before, I never had any interest in checking anything else out. I was totally satisfied.  My eye never wandered.

But since the dissolution of my relationship to Anusara, and now that I've recovered, mostly, from back surgery, I am footloose and fancy-free.

I feel like I felt the day I realized that I was done being vegan after 8 years.

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