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and you beam like the sun

credit: www.minds.comI have watched this little video clip now about 10 times in a row. I cannot get enough of it, of the way that Russell Brand strings words together, builds these massive sentences, uses his hands.

And naturally, there's what he says.

Truly, Russell Brand is some kind of genius and he beams like the sun.

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on a quest, again: new mat

credit: www.yogateau.comFirst, the good news. After a long hiatus and many fits and starts, I am finally, finally back on my mat.  YES!

After months of indecision, I had the sudden realization that there was only one place to go, one thing to do. So back I went to 8:30 Saturday class with Laura. Perfect!

The bad news? Ugh, I need a new mat.

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bikram-proof mascara

Mac X, decidedly not Bikram-proofSince we started going to Bikram classes at Red Dragon Yoga, it's been endless laundry around here. We've both been doing a lot of sweating -- insane, copious amounts of sweating-- hence, the every-other-day loads of wash.  

After class, my clothes are soaked, my yoga towels are soaked, and by the time I get home for a shower, so is the towel I bring to put down on the seat of the car.  I live in horror of the cloth seats in the rental car I'm driving these days developing that fuggy, swampy gym smell.  Absolutely gruesome amounts of sweat.

Or should I say: good amounts.

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Anusari in Bikram-land

So now I've taken a total of three Bikram yoga classes and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I won't lie: there still comes a moment in each class when the heat is so intense that I wonder at it.  I wonder why I'm doing it.  This moment when it's equal parts glory and hell, delight and torture.

And then I take a deep breath and keep going. 

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Country Mouse Monday: bees are just yoga, man

This was one of those weekends that was all bees, bees, bees from beginning to end, a blissful playing with and talking about them, first on Saturday at Glide, where I think we taught about 30 interested strangers, to yesterday when my friend Fredo came over for lunch and hive inspection.  Super-duper fun.

Somewhere along the line on Saturday afternoon, standing on the roof at Glide Memorial in the Tenderloin in San Francisco, one of the students, all geared up in her full-body bee suit turned to me and said,

"It really helps if you stay calm, right?"

Yup. Exactly.

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